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several locations in Bulgarian and Spain. Health Benefits, also known as doctor fish or SPA fish, the fish have the ability to remove gently dead epithelial cells from human skin, making it softer and smoother. You can spot these aquariums at almost every single hotel that have a fish spa section, but also in shopping malls, some airports, boardwalks at your vacation in warmer countries and of course (and foremost) companies that brand themselves. We hope to enjoy the time that you spend on our website and the information you find to be useful and beneficial for you.

Svenska porrbrudar smile fish spa - SmilingFeet Fish Spa

These aquariums usually look cool and fun for costumers, but we would advice you to think about the fish as well. Meanwhile via our spa therapy you can enjoy an unusual and pleasant experience for your body. What has happened with the fish at your fish spa? But just because weve closed down it doesnt mean their life is over too. Explore our website to find more information about our spa studios and how we can contribute in caring for your health condition and beauty.

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You can read more about their former life here. Welcome to the Official Website. This is because these aquariums are so bad and unhealthy for the fish that they have no chance of surviving, and the aquariums therefore constantly has to be refilled with new fish. Garra Rufa Fish (the Doctor Fish). We have never refilled our fish, but instead took as good care of them as we could which resulted in them having a healthy and long-lived life. Can you recommend any other fish spa? Where you can find us? The main reason is that practically everyone else are using small, seethrough aquariums which makes the fish consumables. About, the Garra Rufa fish have no teeth and therefore they do not bite and do not hurt, but massage, removing the hard shell of skin from your feet and hands. Fish in these small types of aquariums, where you fit one or two people at the same time as most, are straight of a painful way for the fish to slowly be tortured to death since theyre.


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Svenska porrbrudar smile fish spa - Fish Spa Vilnius

Suggested duration: 1 hour. About, fish spa and massage salon We offer a unique fish procedure which will allow you to feel positive emotions, relax and forget all your troubles. Frequently Asked Questions, in this section you will find answers of the most frequently asked questions that worry our clients. The Garra Rufa fish is successful. Smiling Feet Fish Spa, in this page, we will present you in details the Garra Rufa Fish (the Doctor Fish) and the Fish Spa Therapy that refers. For more details, please see the maps. We are looking forward to meeting you in our studios soon!